Commercial Real Estate Financial Analysis

Get clarity on your investment portfolio. GetCRE helps professionals evaluate, share and underwrite commercial deals.

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Enriched Data

Our platform enhances your analysis by bringing in external data and pairing it with your organization’s proprietary data to deliver advanced portfolio-level computational analysis and reporting capabilities with unrivaled transparency

Compliance and Security

Our Enterprise platform provides robust SOC2 level compliance and delivers the best of industry standard information and device security for all parties involved in creating, reviewing, and sharing proprietary property data.

Financial Reporting

With our Enterprise platform, instantly aggregate and review a portfolio of commercial real estate assets. From a portfolio-wide perspective drill down to an individual tenant, deep dive into assumptions, gain insights, and run analytics.

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The Team

These people make our company great!

Apollo Triana


An entrepreneur and real estate investor. He has the vision and leadership to bring the world of Commercial Real Estate into the 21st century.

Altairis Cambra


She has a real estate finance background, and is a registered broker in five states. Altairis knows how to make sense of the numbers.

Yamel Fernandez


Frontend to backend, and all the tech in-between is what he calls home. Yamel brings over 20 years of experience in the high-tech world to GetCRE.

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Built With Launchaco